Thursday, April 30, 2009

How could i not love this?

There is something inexplicably awesome about watching a member of Emperor Palpetine's personal army get down and boogieing.

Wellington Dance Trooper [The OfficalStar Wars Blog]

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Industious Day

Today was a fairly productive day. Not like "Ohhh I got a bunch of work done for school and accomplished a lot of goals and things that actually matter" but more of the kind of "Wow, i guess i did stuff...i mean it was stuff that doesn't really matter...but still" stuff.

First and foremost I finally finished Fallout 3. I've known for several months how the game ended but I just never got around to putting in the hour or two I had left in the story. Today I put in the time and it was pretty awesome. The ending was actually fairly boring but the closing montage reminded me of all the time that i had spent within the game world ( 48 hours) and in a weird way made me feel like a real hero. (For a better review of the game check out Demian Linn's review at
Crazy, the same day i finish the game Matthew Perry is on The View talking about the very same game.

After dinner I decided to go to the Regal Westgate theater to Jody Hill and Seth Rogen's new movie "Observe and Report." The movie has been out for a couple of weeks but I hadn't had the opportunity to see it until recently. Before I say anything thing about the movie let me mention that I am a huge fan of writer/director Jody Hill's work, if you consider yourself a fan of black humor than i highly suggest checking out his film "The Foot Fist Way" and his HBO series "Eastbound & Down." So being familiar with the style of the writer I went into the movie knowing that it wasn't going to be a fun comedy like some of Rogen's other movies (see "Knocked Up") but instead a much darker movie. And that is exactly what it was, a very dark movie. "Observe and Report" was maybe THE most depressing movie that I have ever seen, but it also somehow managed to also be an incredibly thought provoking and hilarious movie that affected me in a very unique way. It has some incredibly action sequences, male frontal nudity, and a great soundtrack. I highly recommend it to anyone who isn't afraid of dark heavy comedy that offends in a way that we don't often see on the big screen. Plus Danny McBride, the man who in my opinion hold the honor of being called the greatest actor of the 21st century, has a small part that's pretty awesome.

I also watched "The Foot Fist Way" again and went to class. I need to do laundry in the morning...not that that fact is either interesting or important to anyone but me. School is almost over. I'm going to take a shower and hopefully fall asleep watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

(Yes, I realize that I haven't really updated this with anything substantial in...months, but lets just forgive and forget. Hopefully it won't happen again.)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

cookin good

I got to meet my favorite public access tv hosts today...jealous?